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Vision Metron 40 Clincher Road Wheelset

The Metron 40 is built for climbing and CX. Victorious on the Cyclocross track, the cobbles of the spring classics, and the torturous mountain stages in the pro peloton, this wheelset can take whatever you throw at it.


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Vision Metron 55 Carbon Wheels

Vision Metron 55 Clincher UD Road Wheelset The Metron 55 is Vision’s Aero Stage Race wheelset. Vision’s Metron 55 is the one wheel you’ll ride once and won’t want to ride without again. This Metron 55 sits comfortably in the mid-range of Vision’s Me


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Mavic Comete Pro Carbon

KEY BENEFITS The highest rolling efficiency of any tubeless road wheel system. New UST Road Tubeless improves rolling resistance about 15% at equal tire pressures. You can run lower tire pressure for a smoother ride quality. Reduced risk of puncture w


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